Every big marketplace out there did not shy away from saying 11.11 was the “Biggest Shopping Event of the Year” and although the numbers certainly attest to that, we believe there’s a bigger opportunity coming to every business this coming 12.12. And we credit this expectation to one thing: Last Minute Christmas Shoppers!

There are a lot of factors that can explain why people would shop a lot again this 12.12. In the Philippines alone, the bulk of Christmas shopping is said to mainly happen in the month of December already with 55% of people saying this is when they begin to shop for Christmas and that only 24% begin shopping in November. That means only one thing: it’s not yet over!

    Which is why we’re here to explain how Christmas shoppers can do a great deal for your business. And why we believe 12.12 shoppers can potentially be better for you than your 11.11 ones!  

Shoppers are in a hurry!


12.12 is practically 12 days away from Christmas. People would have waited this last minute to save up through promotions, but it also means they’re in a hurry! They won’t be as meticulous about their purchases anymore as compared to if they had more than a month left before Christmas. And when shoppers are in a hurry they tend to be impulsive.


So as long as you have enough stocks and promotions to catch their attention, your chances of selling during 12.12 are significantly higher.

Fulfill orders in time for Christmas

If you can fulfill orders in time for Noche Buena and Christmas Day, then 12.12 can be perfect for you. If your customers see that they can receive their items in time for them to wrap it and place it underneath the Christmas tree, then chances are you can get them to buy from you.   Tip: Make sure you manage your orders and shipping activities in one convenient place in order for you to be able to fulfill your orders as fast as you can  
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Last minute Christmas shoppers may want to buy in bulk!

Now imagine this, your customer may have around 20 people on his or her Christmas list. And she needs to accomplish all these in time for Christmas. Chances are she won’t go through 20 shops to get each present, which gives you an opportunity to cross sell within your shop.
Tip: Try to place promotions like get free shipping for 500 pesos, so your customer would want to spend more on your shop!   You can also position your Christmas promotions and bundles and package your items to look like gifts! This adds benefit your shoppers and make them feel like they’re saving time and energy in wrapping your stocks.   The year is not yet over and the Christmas rush has just begun. You still have a chance to end 2020 with a bang by having an amazing 12.12 selling record!  
Anne Navarro
Marketing Manager


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