House Hacks

Through our omnichannel platform, House Hacks was provided with more options and control for when it comes to managing their orders and inventory!

By saving time and speeding up the team’s operations, House Hacks was able to utilize their e-commerce stores more evenly, allowing them to take on more orders and grow their revenue by 10X!


Growth Metrics:

– 10X Growth in Revenue

– Grew inventory offering and order volume by over 2X

– Saved at least 2 hours of manual inventory management per day

About House Hacks

House Hacks is one of the fastest growing online distributors of home appliances in the Philippines. A “people-first” brand, they believe in enriching people’s lives by providing innovative and easy-to-use-equipment.

Furthermore, with their “customer is king” approach, the House Hacks team takes extra care to provide top notch service in order to delight their customers. Eventually, they aim to be the premiere one-stop-shop brand for a customer’s home and living needs.


Searching for Opportunities

Before integrating an omnichannel platform, the House Hacks team worked mostly in silos. Its supply chain operations had not been fully connected, and the result was a struggle to handle a burst in growth for the company.

As the demand piled up, the workload and pressure also mounted on the team. Soon after, the brand found us on social media and decided to incorporate our omnichannel solution to their operations.

Handling Growth Spurts with Ease

Through Omnirio, the House Hacks team was able to eliminate their operational bottlenecks in order to open up space for the brand to grow freely. 

Now able to manage the brisk pace that the brand is expanding at, Operations Manager Frenzo Cabasag says “They [Omnirio] have allowed us to manage our orders from different platforms, and they have the best customer service around.”

With an omnichannel platform at their disposal, House Hacks has not only driven their revenue by 10X, they’ve also been able to provide an omnichannel experience to their customers.

Speaking as a representative of a “people-first” company, it’s easy to see why Frenzo attributes Omnirio’s value not only to its capabilities as a system, but also as a like-minded “people-first” company that has been closely supporting and working with House Hacks as they continue their journey to being the premiere home appliance distributor in the country.


Looking to grow your revenue by 10X? Try Omnirio out today!

Simply schedule a call with us and we’ll help you increase your sales big time!



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