Adopting an omnichannel strategy helped Rampage City work much more efficiently and productively. They now process orders and manage their inventory 80% faster, and their improved operations have resulted in an online sales growth of 2X!


Growth Metrics:

About Rampage City

Rampage City is the local go-to E-commerce store for the most affordable houseware, electronics, and glassware products.

Believing that selling best-in-class products doesn’t have to be expensive, Rampage City aims to be an e-commerce market leader by offering  the most affordable home products to Filipinos without compromising on quality.


Combining Budget and Quality

While the Ramps team set out to create an enjoyable and seamless experience for customers who are looking for home & living products, they had decided that a multi-channel e-commerce approach was the best way to reach a wide customer base.

By setting up shop on social media and online marketplaces such as Lazada & Shopee, Rampage City made their stores accessible to an economically diverse market. Once they established their product offerings and online presence, they realized that they needed a solution to integrate their stores together.


Discovering Omnirio

“We were struggling in terms of inventory since we needed to monitor and adjust the quantities available for items in each online store” says Eduard, E-commerce Manager of Rampage City.

Suggested through word-of-mouth, the Ramps team was able to find our omnichannel platform. After finding the system easy to use and user-friendly, they quickly decided to integrate their e-commerce stores through our platform.


Delivering both Bang-For-Your-Buck Products and Service

Now, Rampage City is able to provide the most budget-friendly home & living products and connect them with a smooth and consistently reliable shopping experience for their customers.


Seeking to efficiently and conveniently manage your stocks? Let us help! Give Omnirio a try!

Schedule a call with us today and discover how you could significantly and easily improve stock accuracies!


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