Ever wondered what’s running through the minds of your buyers when they make purchase decisions? Here is the result of a survey done by bigcommerce about the top 15 factors that affect a buyer’s purchase decision.

15. Advertisement (21%)

Advertising is very important for any business. Whatever consumers see in your advertisements would reflect your brand and would eventually reflect your sales. Advertising is done in various channels such as newspapers, television, radio, social media and the likes.  

14. Social Media Recommendations (23%)

People nowadays go to Social Media for recommendations. Having a good Social media presence on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube could really be advantageous to your brand. Consumers usually decide on what social media influencers talk about. Sometimes, shoppers would even buy something they do not need.

13. Top search engine results (39%)

Usually, consumers get to buy a specific product that is on the top of their search. Google becomes everyone’s best friend whenever they look for something to buy.

12. Influence of Friends and Family (42%)

Influence of the people closest to the consumer plays a big factor in their purchase decision. Sometimes, even without asking for it, consumers share to their friends and family certain products that they use.

11. Loyalty-rewards program (45%)

Good loyalty rewards program encourages your consumers to buy again. Aside from boosting your sales, this strategy proves to be cost-efficient, growth-oriented and ultimately makes your customers happy. Business becomes profitable if you have repeat customers and working a loyalty program is a good first step to achieve it. Omnirio could provide you a system that would enable your company to launch your loyalty program seamlessly, click here for more details.

10. Mobile-friendly webpage (46%)

85% of Amazon’s purchase came from people who buy through their mobile phones. Google prioritizes website that is mobile-friendly. To add to that, Google says that 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site that is hard to access.

9. Tailored Selection of Products (53%)

Consumers nowadays want to have their products customized. As much as possible, they would like their names to be on the products that they are availing. This kind of products doesn’t just only provide customers more options but you are also getting their loyalty to your brand.

8. Simple Site Navigation (64%)

Since the majority of consumers want to have a faster transaction in buying, they want a website that is easier to understand and navigate. You have to take note that not all consumers have the same level of education and knowledge thus you have to make an effort to make your website as simple as possible.

7. Brand reputation (67%)

Your brand reputation is your most important intangible asset. You have to build a brand that your customers would positively think about. Branding isn’t an overnight thing, however, single steps in building your brand would mean a lot. You have to be remembered for something that you do that impacts other people in a positive way.

6. Flexible or Free returns (68%)

A lot of customers have bad experiences in availing products, especially online. Because of these kinds of experiences, they want to make sure that they are protected once the product did not meet the expectations they had when they bought the product. Returning the products alone could be stressful already, not having a good return policy could make it worse.

5. Trustworthy reviews (68%)

  Based on a survey, almost 9 out of 10 consumers looked at the product review online before making a purchase. Because of the availability of reviews online, consumers get to know the quality of products before purchasing it. This is a big factor

4. Variety of stocks in option (71%)

Amazon’s success could be attributed to a variety of options they provide to their customers. This option arises from customers difference in preference particularly in Color, Size, Design and raw materials used. Not having a stock demanded by customers could result in them looking for an alternative to your brand.

3. Discount Offers (71%)

Offering discounts to new and old customers would give your brand a major boost. A discount offer would usually drive traffic to your sales channel both online and offline. These kind of offers are something that consumers wouldn’t miss especially when it has a deadline set for it.

2. Shipping cost and speed (80%)

This is quite surprising since there are a lot of factors perceived to be more important than shipping cost and speed. Unfortunately, many business owners overlook the advantages of having a better shipment strategy.   Consumers nowadays tend to be less patient. Perhaps it could also be attributed to the improvement of technology overall, Amazon even has a same-day delivery option. The company had set a new standard that companies and consumers follow. “In our retail business, we know that customers want low prices and I know that’s going to be true 10 years from now. They want fast delivery, they want vast selection” – Jeff Bezos

1. Price (87%)

Pricing continues to be the top factor in why people buy a certain product. People can’t buy something they can’t afford thus pricing is the topmost factor that brands must consider. Consumers would base their purchase on the perceived worth your products are giving them. You might have the best advertisement, fastest shipping, and most trustworthy reviews. But if they can’t afford it, they won’t avail it.   For inquiries, please fill up the form below:  

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