Why Contactless Order Fulfillment?

Retailers have been eager to adopt contactless Point of Sale (POS) systems. After all, these let customers pay faster and provide more convenience than traditional payment methods. However, the biggest reason that many retailers have adopted contactless POS systems is that they help them boost sales. Research shows that 67% of customers say contactless home delivery is very important for a positive customer experience. So, if you’re looking for ways to boost your bottom line without investing in new equipment or hiring more employees for your store—contactless order fulfillment may just be what you need!

What is contactless order fulfillment?

Contactless order fulfillment is ideal for retailers to fulfill orders quickly and easily. It’s a great way to improve customer satisfaction and help you stay ahead of the game regarding your omnichannel strategy.

Contactless fulfillment (or no-contact fulfillment) is the distribution of goods from the company warehouse to the hands of the customer, but with no physical contact between the two. Examples are ordering food through an app and the delivery man leaving it at your door, paying through a QR code instead of handing over cash, or navigating a physical store location using a digital map instead of sales associates assisting you. 

Contactless order fulfillment aims to get orders from customers as quickly and efficiently as possible so that they can receive their products in a timely fashion. This helps improve customer satisfaction by ensuring that customers get what they want when they want it.

How does it work?

Contactless order fulfillment means that consumers can place orders and receive products without being assisted by a human. Using a mobile app, customers place an order and pay using their phone, and delivery riders leave the orders on the customer’s doorstep. For physical locations, customers grab what they need from the shelves and pay through a self-checkout cash register. 

The process begins with a consumer placing an order through a retailer’s mobile app or picking up a product from a physical store. When they check out, they select “contactless payment.” The retailer then processes this payment through digital wallets or online payment channels. 

Consumer demand

Consumer demand is driving the rise of contactless order fulfillment. Consumers want faster, more accurate, more convenient, and more environmentally friendly delivery. Merchants should consider offering at least a few things to stay competitive.

  • 33% of customers prefer a  contactless experience to navigate a physical store and find products

  • 73% of customers say contactless payments provide them with a good customer experience

  • 63% of customers are comfortable and willing to use eCommerce and food delivery apps

Contactless fulfillment options

As a merchant, you have several contactless options to choose from when it comes to order fulfillment. You can offer:

  • Contactless payment. This is the most popular option and involves customers paying for their purchases via their mobile devices. It’s fast, secure, and easy

  • Contactless delivery. This option means a delivery man will drop off a customer’s order on their doorstep and let them know their order has arrived through text or app notifications.

  • Contactless ordering. Even with physical stores, contactless order fulfillment is possible using contactless ordering. Customers can scan a QR code within the store, pull up a digital menu or product list, directly order from an app or order form, pay online via a digital wallet or card, and receive their order without being assisted by store employees. 

How to implement contactless order fulfillment

While contactless order fulfillment is a great way to increase your speed and efficiency, it also comes with its own set of challenges. Contactless order fulfillment can be difficult to implement if you don’t have the right equipment or processes in place. This section will help you avoid common pitfalls and ensure your contactless order fulfillment process runs smoothly so that you get orders out faster than ever!

  • Make sure you have the right equipment for contactless order fulfillment. Don’t use outdated machines that are slow and prone to error; instead, invest in up-to-date equipment that can support technologies like Bluetooth connectivity or RFID labeling technology.

  • Make sure your staff is trained on using any new machinery involved in implementing contactless order fulfillment. The last thing anyone wants is for an employee who doesn’t know what they’re doing to try using new technology during rush hour—it could lead to major delays!

  • Ensure all software used within this process has been updated so there aren’t any bugs interfering with functionality. Order fulfillment software like Omnirio easily supports contactless payments.


Contactless order fulfillment is the future of retail. It’s already showing up in grocery stores and fast food restaurants, but soon it will be everywhere. As consumers demand more convenience when shopping, retailers are looking for ways to speed up checkout and make ordering even more effortless. Contactless order fulfillment is one option that provides that added level of convenience while also helping businesses reduce costs and improve customer service. 


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