Case studies
We've impacted retailers just like yours, in multiple domain.

Thanks to Omnirio, we were able to quickly centralize our inventory, which helped speed up our operations by 30%!

One big problem we had with many SKUs was that it was hard to manage our inventory across our E-commerce platforms. Omnirio solved that.

Eisen DY, E-Commerce Head | Euro Rich Foodtrade Corp

Our Inventory Management has improved a lot. Our stocks now sync almost real-time across all our sales channels

Omnirio helped us synchronize over 7,000 SKUs scattered across our e-commerce and physical stores. Now we can focus on growing the business rather than daily operations.

Mark Casquero, CEO | Supreme Guitar Trading Inc.

With Omnirio, we were able to double our inventory offering and increase our revenue by 10X!

Omnirio's helped us manage our orders from different platforms with ease, and they have the best customer service around!

Frenzo Cabasag, Oerations Manager | House Hacks

Through Omnirio, we have avoided issues that arise out of manual allocation and as a result, our available stock levels better reflect actual inventory

Before Omnirio, the key problems we were facing were overstocking & as well as missed sales due to the manual allocation of stocks for each storefront.

Andrea Chua, Head Of Digital Operations | Infinite Digital Hub

Omnirio is very convenient and easy to use in terms of processing our pending orders and reducing cancellations

Selling stocks was not a problem - updating and replenishing stock was - thanks to Omnirio, we found a solution and were able to cut the time in updating stocks by 100%

Hazel Exconde, E-Commerce Head | Authentic Caps Distribuition Inc.

Using Omnirio helped to connect the inventory of all our online platforms. Through it, we were able to 2X our online sales!

Before Omnirio, we were struggling in terms of inventory since we needed to monitor and adjust the quantities available for items in each online store.

Eduard Ablanida, E-Commerce Manager | Rampage City

We've been able to solve custom-order issues, and Omnirio's Product Bundle feature helped us manage our products and categorize our SKUs better

We used to do manual adjustment of inventory counts, and custom orders often create out of stock orders. We also needed to find a way to fix our product bundling

Darryl Mendoza, Purchasing Officer | Shopryt Csetech Inc.

Ever since we were able to eliminate cancelled orders, our seller rating across all online platforms have improved drastically!

It would take our staff several hours every day to update the stock inventory per online channel. Now, we don't have to do this since the inventory quantity automatically updates whenever a sale is made

Monina Ferrer, Chief Operating Officer | SnoeBeauty

Before Omnirio, I was taking 3 hours just to process around 20+ orders - now I can manage the same amount and more in less than 30 minutes

We were able to increase our productivity by a large margin, and we now have 8 stores because Omnirio's ERPs helped us scale faster

Henry Shi, E-commerce Head | TechTrance Enterprise

After having some troubles with manually monitoring our inventory, we used Omnirio to be able to update our item stocks in less than a few minutes, and with 100% accuracy!

We were able to consolidate our orders and inventory very quickly with Omnirio's plug & play integrations, and now 100% of our orders are fulfilled either early or on time!

Sofia Quintela, Brand Manager | The Fifth Clothing