As we continue to help you prepare your brand for the upcoming Holiday season, we tackle one of the most famous topics: Christmas Promotions. Like we said, gimmicks are everywhere during this season and almost all the brands will figure out a way to create promotions and deals that will grab their market’s attention. With that being said— you must make sure that your brand does not get left behind. You have to think of your own promotional strategies for Christmas.     If you’re in a rut and you can’t think of anything, then you’ve come to the right place! We’re here to share 5 Christmas Promotions that you might want to try out for this year! Ready? Let’s begin!  

1. Christmas Promotion Bundles

Well this one is an oldie but a goodie! Christmas bundles are usually characterized by unique packaging and best sellers. This is probably the best way to sell more of your brand’s biggest source of revenue: your best sellers!   There’s also a social proof that comes with best sellers, so you can make your market know that they can gift it to their loved ones for Christmas and it will not disappoint. You can also give markdowns for the bundles to make them look attractive. Savings that can go as low as 5 or 10 pesos can surprisingly go a long way for your consumer, and ultimately your brand.   Tip: You might want to keep separate inventory of your bundles so you have accurate count of your products and margins.  
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2. Cashback

Filipinos in general, are very frugal shoppers. They’re always on the lookout for getting a deal and saving money even when they’re spending it on shopping! Which is why cashback promotions in time for the most expensive holiday in the Philippines is a sure fire way to get your market to notice you!   It’s easy to set-up cashbacks for your customers. All you need is the right tool and you’ll be ready to give more to your consumers in time for the season of giving!  

3. Freebies

Speaking of giving! Another thing you can try for Christmas is giving away freebies. Freebies does not necessarily mean one of your regular priced items. It can be testers for your products: both the best sellers and the barely being sold.   It’s an opportunity to remind your market of these products. And chances are if your consumers like your freebies, they’ll place an order for your regular-priced items and you definitely receive more than you have given. It’s a perfect win-win promotion for Christmas!  

4. Complimentary Christmas Gift Cards

Hey here’s an idea! Why not create a gift card and send it together with your products? A simple Happy Holidays from “your brand” with a space for the sender and recipient is equally thoughtful and strategic in growing your business.   Thoughtful? Self-explanatory. Strategic? Yes! You can place your webstore link or shop links and logos in that gift card in a subtle manner. Even just placing Happy Holidays with your brand’s name on it can give your business the exposure and reach you need to grow your market share.   Plus, customers might want to shop more from you if they don’t want to think so much anymore about wrapping their presents and placing gift cards on them. You can even position it in a manner that lets them know they’re saving money from it, since gift cards are pretty expensive!  

5. Free Shipping

Free Shipping? Music to your market’s ears! One of the reasons why some of your consumers still prefer shopping in brick and mortar stores is because they know they’re just paying for the product and they don’t really want to spend on shipping fees. So if you give your shipping for free as a “Christmas gift” to your consumers, chances are they’d prefer you over your competitor who doesn’t.   Of course, there are ways to do this that won’t hurt your margins. You have to make sure you have integrations with the cheapest and most reliable shipping providers in your area. You also want to make sure you’re saving as much in your operations expenses by fulfilling your orders efficiently.     And that’s it! Try these 5 Christmas promotions out this 12.12 and the entire Holiday, and have a great selling season!  
Anne Navarro
Marketing Manager


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