CRM doesn’t often come to mind when brands strategize to generate revenue; most brands simply look for new clients. 


Conventional wisdom would say that this is true, but a brand that overlooks its existing customers neglects its most valuable asset: customers who are loyal to the brand are the centerpiece for the business to grow in stature, presence, and size. 


This is where CRMs come in – to engage and treat each customer with the utmost care and attention. The simple rationale behind this is that a brand grows through its customers, and a customer base that is satisfied, delighted, and loyal is the most important contributor to a brand’s success.


So in what ways does CRM specifically affect a business? Let’s dive in!


1) Organize Your Customer Data


Through a CRM, both external and internal communication can be streamlined. This allows you to keep tabs on the whole shopping experience of each of your customers, and be able to connect your team to them at any given point in time.

Customer Data

Since you can easily track customer data across all your sales channels, you’ll be able to take notes on interactions such as website visits, form submissions, downloads, and more.


Subsequently, operational efficiency is increased with a CRM because customer data is centralized & organized – there’s no need to spend time or effort in organizational messaging to figure out whether your team has contacted a certain customer or not.


2) Enhance Analytics


A huge part of being able to satisfy existing customers starts with being able to work with the fundamentals: by automating data collection, you can work to analyze how customers interact with your brand depending on the channel they’re on


With a CRM, you can collect data from across your sales channels to inform you on how customers move to and fro. This gives you insight on their preferences and shopping behavior, and tells you what type of content to provide certain customers in order to help them find products that they were looking for.


3)  Segment Your Customers

Once you’ve better understood how your customers interact with your brand through a refined data collection & analytics process, you can work on creating lists and segmenting your customers into categories that fit their behavior.


CRMs can help you group customers together with a wide range of parameters such as deal sizes, activity rates, or preferred channels.

Segment Your Customers

With the correct combination of strategic thinking and execution, segmenting your customers prepares your brand to fit specific types of content targeted to specific categories of customers. This helps you avoid ill-advised interactions such as sending promotional material to uninterested customers, and allows you to focus on connecting the right customers with the right content.


4) Drive Customer Loyalty

Engaging and interacting with your customers requires a good balance of subtlety and consideration. Your customers understand that you have to market your products & services to them, but there is a thin line between positive content and unwanted content.

Drive Customer Loyalty

CRMs holistic frameworks help you build a solid foundation so that you can personalize content to segmented customer groups. The idea behind this is that you’re trying to make existing customers happier, rather than treating them as numbers that you have capitalize on.


74% of businesses say that CRMs helped them create more meaningful, long-term relationships with customers. By including customers and valuing them enough to constantly make them feel that you’re listening to them, you’re able to highlight how important they are to your brand’s journey and growth.


5) Increase Your Sales

One of the more unstated and underrated aspects of having a CRM system for your business is that by connecting internal and external communications and data together, and by being able to give your customer base an array of content that is personalized to each of their needs and wants, CRMs do in fact help increase your sales.

Increase Sales

On average, brands with CRMs are able to increase their sales by around 29%. This is because customers who become more satisfied and loyal to certain brands are more likely to make bigger purchases, and more frequently.


The trust you created between your brand and your customers becomes a catalyst for growing your business & increasing your revenue. Customer repeat purchases can bring as much value to your brand as finding new clients, showing how paying attention to your existing customers is not only a surrogate strategy to finding new clients, but also a full-blown operational thrust in and of itself.



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