Omnirio x SnoeBeauty


The quirky cosmetics brand uses Omnirio’s inventory & order management systems to drive customer happiness and increase overall team efficiency.


Growth Metrics:

– 100% reduction in cancelled orders

– Increased staff efficiency by cutting inventory management time by over half

– Vastly Improved Seller Ratings

     > Lazada Account Health = Excellent
     > Shopee Shop Rating = 4.92
     > Zalora Seller Rating = 5/5
SnoeBeauty Growth

About Snoebeauty

Created in 2010, Snoe Beauty was conceived to be a leading retailer of Philippine-made cosmetics and personal care products ranging from skincare, haircare, makeup, and fragrances.

Available both in malls and e-commerce platforms, their products feature trendy and effective ingredients that are guaranteed to delight customers.

Filling a niche in the Philippine Cosmetics Kingdom

Conceived by Jen Diaz as a way to bridge the gap between luxury foreign brands and mass-market local products, Snoebeauty aims to provide a personal, quirky, and uniquely local experience to cosmetics lovers in the country.

Like many local businesses at the time, Snoebeauty operated mostly manually – their inventory management was still updated and managed through Excel. Due to this, order processing became tough since slow inventory management bottlenecked the high volume of orders that the brand received.

This prompted the team to look for ways to simplify their inventory and order management processing in order to give the local customers the delightful experience Snoebeauty promised to provide from the get-go.

Nina Ferrer Quote 1

Finding Success with an Omnichannel Strategy

The brand’s integration with Omnirio nearly changed their entire process, connecting their inventory count from their warehouses to all their e-commerce channels.

With the team experiencing automations in item stock quantity updates per-purchase, the team was able to do away with their manual recording and reconciliations, helping them reduce both the effort required to manage their stores and the expenses incurred due to operational bottlenecks.

Having no more trouble managing their inventory & orders, Snoebeauty was able to eliminate instances of cancelled orders, and, as a result, drastically improve seller ratings. Their Lazada Account Health Rating is now at Excellent, Shopee Shop Rating at 4.92, and Zalora Seller Rating at 5/5. 

With the new and improved operational efficiency that Snoebeauty is displaying, they’re making the most out of our omnichannel integrations to finally meet and exceed the high standards of customer experience that they hope to provide to their customers.


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