At this point, it’s already clear how big the Holiday season can be for your business. We have also already established some ways to make sure you have a merry 12.12 and a merry Christmas this year by equipping you with the best practices for selling during this season. So now, we want to take it up a notch and help you make your 12.12 and Christmas merrier by bringing in a loyalty program into your Holidays equation!     “But how can it make my Christmas merrier?” you might ask. Well, it’s simple. You make your customers happier, you increase the chances of getting repeat purchases from them, and if you play your cards right you may even get a higher cart amount from your loyal customers!   We listed 5 ways of how you can leverage your loyalty program this year, for a merry 12.12 and Christmas season ahead of you! So take your notes out and get ready to write or type these down!

1. Give your loyalty program for free for a certain amount

First things first! Get people to join your loyalty program. During the Holiday season, people are willing to spend a certain amount for the season. Which means if someone sees that you’re offering your loyalty membership for free for let’s say a thousand pesos and have that amount to spend on your products, then you get a loyal customer instantly.   This will in turn help you leverage their loyalty membership to get them to buy again from you, even after the Christmas season!

2. Give membership updates and messages

During this season, the market is buzzing with different promotions from different brands. In order for you to catch the attention of your customers, give them special membership updates and messages. Personalise your communication with them so they know that they’re important to their brand.

3. Give special promotions

Aside from giving out special updates and messages, nothing can help you make your customers merrier than by giving them special promotions. Give an additional 5% off to those who belong to your loyalty program or give a little freebie on top of the items they purchase.   Plus if your customers think they get a better deal from you because of your loyalty program, chances are they would come back and buy from you more than once!  
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4. Give double points for a certain time period

One of the main reasons customers avail of loyalty programs is because of the rebate they get from it. They like collecting points knowing that they can buy an item from it if it gets to a certain amount.   So our tip? Double your points equivalent for a certain amount of time. Say for the week of 12.12 or 7 days until Christmas. This not only gives your customer more perks but also helps drive traffic to your business because of the limited-time offer. Plus, it’s easy to do this with the right tools!  

5. Give Christmas-themed rewards

If I’m a loyalty customer, I get free gift wrapping for the items I ordered. But if I’m not I don’t. If I’m part of your loyalty program I get a free gift card to place on my gifts and if not then I don’t. These examples may seem too simplistic but it can actually go a long way.   There’s a lot of ways to make sure you have a Merry 12.12 and A Merry Christmas ahead, and of course to make sure you also make your customers merry while you’re at it.     We hope these quick tips helped you make your selling season this upcoming Christmas merrier! You can find more tips here to equip yourself for the Holiday season!
Anne Navarro
Marketing Manager


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