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Effective Tool For Business

Omnirio's omnichannel platform helps you centralize & manage your stores without hassle, allowing you to sell everywhere and be everywhere!

Inventory Management System

Consolidate and update your items from across all your stores in one place for easy inventory management

Centralized Inventory Management

Multi-Location Inventory Management

Real-Time Stock Management

Connect all your stores

Organize and update your inventory across all stores and warehouses into one platform.

No More Overselling & Underselling

Optimize your item stocks to reflect any changes, effectively eliminating instances of overselling/underselling.

Set Thresholds

Keep a close eye on your inventory by getting notified whenever certain item stocks run low.

Order Management System

Centralize and process your orders across all sales channels with ease

Centralized Order Management

Multi-Location Fulfillment

Print Airway Bills

Faster Order Processing

Centralize your orders from all your offline & online stores and process them within minutes

Minimize Shipping Costs

Process orders based on locations nearest to the buyer to help you minimize delivery costs and ensure 100% SLA fulfillment.

No More Cancelled Orders

Eliminate instances of order cancellation through streamlining your order management.

Catalogue Management

Launch and manage new products across all your stores through Omnirio

Launch New Products

Product Bundling

Centralized Product Management

Create New Products Using Omnirio

Be able to launch new products from within Omnirio and have them reflected across all your sales channels

Create Product Bundles

Group items together in bundles in order to increase your selling options

Measure Product Performance

Keep updated on your best-selling products and be able to strategize accordingly.

CRM & Automated Marketing

Engage with your customers and keep them consistently satisfied with personalized rewards

Centralized Data Collection

Personalized Rewards Management

Marketing Campaign Management

Understand Your Customers

By consolidating customer data from across your sales channels, you're able to analyze their preferences better

Personalize Your Rewards

Design a variety of rewards from stamp cards to gift vouchers in order to delight your customers and drive repeat purchases.

Create Automated Marketing Campaigns

Keep in touch with your customers and offer promos easily by designing marketing campaigns to be sent via SMS or/and e-mail

Accounting Management

Download reports and manage your finances through Omnirio.

Quickbooks Integration

Synchronized Invoice Management

Reports Management

Oversee Your Finances Quicker

Connect your Quickbooks account into Omnirio within a few minutes to help manage your accounting from inside the platform

Keep Track of Your Invoices

Be able to synchronize order invoices into Omnirio across all order states to help you gain greater visibility on payments.

More Informed Choices Through Reports

Generate and download reports of items over a selected period of time to check up on a comprehensive list of sale details

Why Choose Omnirio?

The Only Solution Your Business Needs

Omnichannel Platform

Easy-to-use interface and instant integration -- just Plug & Play!

Extremely Affordable

Drive up sales by 10X and cut operational expenses in half for as low as P1,000 a month!

Customer Support

We provide 24/7 customer support, dedicated account managing, scheduled training, and daily checkups – all for free!