Omnirio Partners With Prosperna

An important aspect of Omnirio’s mission is empowering e-commerce retailers, and the partnership with Prosperna presents huge opportunities ahead.

By coupling our best-in-class omnichannel platform with Prosperna’s online store builder, the partnership is a mutually beneficial relationship that seeks to provide solutions to remedy the country’s enlarged economic gap between enterprises and MSMEs.

Supporting local MSMEs – as both a economically restorative effort and an avenue for Philippine business empowerment – is imperative, especially in the context of the pandemic. During the past 2 years, an alarming 38% of the country’s MSME’s had shut down their operations, cementing the importance of helping the country’s MSMEs get back on their feet.

According to the Philippine statistics authority, MSMEs are responsible for at least 25% of the country’s total exports, and accounts for almost 2/3s of the country’s workforce.

Philippine MSMEs

Teaming up with Prosperna will help provide affordable, accessible, and easy-to-use technologies to MSMEs, helping them create, revamp, or/and strengthen their brand without any barrier of entry.

A common problem for many MSMEs is the scarcity of resources; enterprises are able to enjoy the lion’s share of current and up-and-coming technological advancements to business operations thanks to having larger workforces and bigger revenue pools. Because of this, the gap between enterprises and MSMEs becomes wider and wider.

Omnirio & Prosperna Brands

This is exactly what our partnership aims to address: by empowering Philippine retailers and giving them a chance to leverage our omnichannel platform, they can streamline their business operations, helping them be everywhere and sell everywhere with next-to-no cost. Paired with Prosperna’s website builder, MSMEs can centralize their online and offline operations (through omnichannel capabilities) and create their online store without hiring a developer and/or designer.

And with over 100+ brands trusting Omnirio and rapidly growing, our collaboration with Prosperna is a venture that hopes to rekindle the drive, passion, and creativity of Filipino MSMEs.


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