We have established that selling during the Christmas season entails its own opportunities and struggles. And amidst all these, we have agreed on one simple thing: it’s vital to always remember that you are selling and fulfilling your transactions during Christmas time. So in this read, we focus on one important aspect of that: not overselling and fulfilling orders in time.     Delivering orders in time may just be one of the most crucial things to practice during the Holidays. Your customers may be more impatient in general since chances are those orders aren’t just for them. The deadlines you gave them for their orders to arrive as stated by your marketplace SLAs or by your own web store policies are taken very seriously. If you say the orders will arrive in time for their Christmas parties, Noche Buenas, and family reunions on Christmas day, then they expect that to be the case.   So on that note, there is one thing you should NEVER do during the Holidays: Oversell. The most notorious suspect for causing failure to reach SLAs and fulfilling orders in time is overselling. If you don’t have the stocks on hand, you will never be assured that it can get to you in time and respectively get to your customers in time.  
  We have noted three tips for you to make sure you refrain from overselling! Hint: they all have something to do with your stocks!  
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#1 Refresh your stocks

This one’s a no-brainer. If you’re expecting a large demand for your products and you want to make sure that as much as possible you don’t oversell: stock-up! Look back at your past sales data and estimate the amount of products you should have on-hand, and then make sure you have that and more!   Tip: In this case, it’s better to have excess stocks rather than to run short of them!  
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#2 Get notified when stocks are low

Just in case your demand is a whole lot bigger than what you expected, you’d need a plan B. Fortunately, having the right tools for your stock management that has the capability to let you set thresholds on your product availability and notifies you when it reaches that number, can help you big time.   That might sound sophisticated but it just means that if you set your threshold to 100 SKUs and your product reaches that amount, you’ll get a notification reminding you to stock up. This way, you can stock up as fast as your demand goes up!  
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#3 Manage your stocks real-time

Having real-time access to your stocks across all your physical stores (if you have) and online marketplaces (Lazada, Zalora, Shopee, etc) and your own online webstore can be a lifesaver during times like these. Imagine being able to see how much of your stocks you have left in one convenient location. Imagine being able to manage and update all your stocks easily (you can even do it through your phone)!   And there you have it! Those three tips can be your way to make sure you don’t oversell during the busiest time of the year!  
Anne Navarro
Marketing Manager


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