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Created just three years before the pandemic, The Fifth Clothing team aspired to fill a fast-growing online clothing niche. 


Realizing that the brand had to stand out from their competitors, the team adopted an omnichannel strategy. Today, they use Omnirio to take what was initially a social commerce-exclusive brand and branched out to online marketplace such as Lazada and Shopee.


Growth Metrics:

– 100% accuracy of item stock across all e-commerce stores & No More Cancelled Orders

– Achieved 100% SLA fulfillment

– Increased Customer Satisfaction with over 700+ 5-star ratings!

The Fifth Clothing Metrics

About The Fifth Clothing

Clothing company S3B Fashion Collection created the brand “The Fifth Clothing” back in 2017 in response to a growing online market.

In its first year, the brand sold primarily on social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. After testing the market for three years, they expanded into Shopee, Lazada, and Zalora in 2020.

Creating a Distinct Niche

Believing that clothes should represent and express an individual’s personality, The Fifth Clothing set out to change the outdated local perceptions of what Filipino women should wear.

Thus, “Wear Your Mood” is not only the brand’s tagline, but also its philosophy. The Fifth Clothing describes its customers as expressive, honest, and authentic.


Refining their Operations

As the brand diversified from social media to online marketplaces, the team’s decentralized inventory was becoming an obstacle to their growth.

Monitoring item stocks, order progress, and reports were all accomplished manually by the team. Because of this, the brand’s inventory could not be properly utilized across their e-commerce stores, often resulting in cancelled orders due to incorrect item stock reflections.

This prompted the brand to look for a way to connect their stores together and have them managed easily in one place.

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Integrating an Omnichannel Platform

After having come across Omnirio late in 2020, The Fifth Clothing integrated our omnichannel platform to streamline their inventory and order management processes.

“Omnirio’s Inventory Management System provides for us an easy method to update our items. Coupled with its Order Management System, we’ve been able to consolidate our entire e-commerce operation in one place, helping us process and track orders in real-time.” says Sofia Quintela, Brand Manager of The Fifth Clothing. 

Sofia Quintela Quote 2

“Furthermore”, elaborates Sofia, “the Omnirio team is approachable and very accommodating with all of my requests. They’ve been extremely supportive of us to the point that they continue to ask for check-up calls even after two years of using the system! I’ve really appreciated that”

After successfully integrating Omnirio to the brand, The Fifth Clothing is now looking forward to using even more of our omnichannel platform’s features, starting with our CRM system to help them continue delighting their customers for the years to come.


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