12.12 just like all the past sales is going to be a big one. We’ve also given reasons why we believe 12.12 can even be bigger than 11.11. So by now, you pretty much already know what to expect.  
And now that you are all caught up about how big the Holiday season is going to be, there’s one thing to keep in mind: it’s going to be noisy. It’s going to be noisy with promotions and Holiday deals geared towards capturing the market’s attention.   So as we continue equipping you with everything that you need for Christmas, we’re sharing some tips and tricks. We will help your business standout regardless of how crowded and noisy the commercial Holiday season is going to be.  

Focus on your audience

When things are noisy the tendency is to think that you should just be louder to get noticed. However, this isn’t exactly a strategic action plan if you want to stand out from the holiday clutter. We think instead, that you should find a quieter place. For a brand that means going into the niche of your target audience and focusing on them instead of everyone.   When you go to your niche and build a unique messaging and communicate in a manner that shows you set your customers aside from all other consumers. You can also plan your campaign timing and schedule based on the consumer behaviour of your niche market, this way you avoid the common and noisiest marketing time and get your message heard by those you need to hear it!  
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Again, we want to emphasize. Set your consumers aside so they do the same for you. And what better way to accomplish this than by personalisation? 12.12 campaigns may be scattered across the different marketplaces, web stores, and even social media, but sending an email or SMS, that refers to your customer by his or her name is guaranteed to get their attention more!  
  You can also use past sales data and other customer records to make you deals personalised. This way they know that you know what they want, you anticipate their needs, and you value them. All of which helps in increasing repeat purchases and brand loyalty. Which is good not just for the Holidays but for the coming year as well!
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Leverage Loyalty

Speaking of brand loyalty. One other way to stand out during such a busy time is by leveraging your loyalty programs and your loyal customers. No matter how much messages your customers get from different brands, if you know how to leverage their loyalty then chances are you’re still going to stand out.   If you don’t have a loyalty program yet, then you can build one in time for the Holiday season, offer rewards and points plus cashbacks. This strategy can be as effective as leveraging an existing loyalty program. And as we have already said, investing in customer loyalty can give your business great revenue, even after the Holiday season!  
It’s true that 12.12 and the Holidays are going to be big and extremely noisy, but as long as you know who and what to focus on, it won’t be too tricky to stand out!  
Anne Navarro
Marketing Manager


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