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Hassle-Free Integrations for a Seamless Digital Experience

Centralize stocks, sell everywhere and see 30% growth

Save time and effort by managing your stores in one platform

Eliminate Manual Inventory Processing

Automate and centralize your inventory through our Inventory Management system.

Never Run Out of Stock Again

Instantly update item stocks in real-time and get notified when stocks are running low.

No More Overselling

Save costs by avoiding extra orders and getting penalized by marketplace

Go Hyperlocal with Multi-Location Inventories

Deliver 3X faster to your hyperlocal customers using centralized inventory across all stores and warehouses

Process Orders in less than 30 seconds

Experience faster order processing and real-time tracking for orders across all your stores.

Automate Your Order Processing

Omnirio processes all your orders in real-time, 24/7, keeping you worry-free from missing SLAs

Fulfill Orders Faster and Cheaper

Automatically connect your orders to warehouses nearest to the customer to reduce shipping time and costs

No more Order Cancellations

Make sure that every order is processed correctly and accurately with Omnirio’s Order Management system.

Launch new products in few seconds

Use Omnirio to quickly launch new products across all your sales channels

Launch Products Across All Stores

Save time by launching new products through Omnirio, automatically reflecting them across all your stores.

Strategize Your Product Launches

Plan you pre-launches, quality checks, and product listing easily with in-built workflows

Manage Pricing Centrally

Edit, activate or deactivate any product & offer discounts in all stores at once

Increase Lifetime Value (LTV) of Your Customers

Get real customer insights to further engage them and increase their basket sizes.

Drive Customer Retention

Offer a consistent shopping journey across all your sales channels to help satisfy your customers & increase repeat purchases.

Personalized Customer Experience

Collect and analyze data from across your stores to help you target their preferences.

Reward loyal customers

Identify your loyal customers and design rewards programs to delight your customers.

Why Omnirio

Get started in 10 minutes.

No credit cards needed & No cash up front.

Join 800+ online retailers to manage and grow your business. Get started in a matter of minutes, and start increasing your sales by 3X now!

Quick onboarding

Onboard in less than 30 minutes and start managing your business without hassle.

Dedicated support

Dedicated customer training and 24/7 post-sale support by local experts

Pay-As-You-Use Pricing

Get started without a credit card and pay according to your system usage.


Our Clients have seen exponential growth with us


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