What is Omnichannel Commerce?

Omnichannel commerce is a cross-channel business strategy that is used by businesses to improve their user experience and drive better relationships with their audience across points of contact.

Omnirio ecommerce

Here’s how Omnichannel Commerce help business


Increase in year on year cost per customer contact


Increase in year on year annual revenue


Increase in customer lifetime value


Higher customer retention

Discover the Omnirio Approach For



Experience D2C benefits with our omnichannel solution! Maintain your margin and engage with your end-consumers at a personalized level.


FMCG: Operations

Easily manage your online & offline operations all in one platform

FMCG: Customer Experience

Delight your customers with loyalty and reward programs, and set-up automated and personalised messaging so you can keep your customers engaged with your latest updates!

Retail - Operations
customer profiles

Customer Profiles

Maintain your customer database in one platform. Monitor their purchase transactions, purchasing behaviour, know your most loyal customers and easily connect with them.

loyalty program

Loyalty Program

Launch your own Loyalty program or extend your existing loyalty program to your online customers. Your rules, your program all powered by Omnirio

rewards program

Rewards Program

Delight your customers with your own Rewards program!

F&B: Marketing Automations

Keep your customers engaged and keep bringing them back through automated and personalised messaging so you can increase your customer retention