Make your customers shop more and keep coming back

Provide your customer with the best and most efficient loyalty program in the country!

Your program, your rules

Set up your own loyalty program
We made it possible for you to have you a loyalty program that would fit your marketing strategy.

Create your own group

Group your customers according to their shopping behaviour and send them personalized notifications

Convert points to loyalty
Allow your customer to gain points on every transaction and allow them to avail gifts from the points collected.

Track your transactions

Know exactly how much are your customers purchasing and use that info to send personalised notifications.

Reach out to your customers instantly

Email Blast

SMS Blast

Special Occasion Reminders

Automated reminders to shop

Increase your social media marketing effiency by x times!

Create your facebook Ads and use customer data from Omnirio to target the correct customer base on Facebook

Ecommerce Plugin

We provide eCommerce platform plugins so your customer gain points in your online and offline sales channel

Update your customers real-time

We provide a real-time view to your customers of their points and transactions through dedicated online logins and apps.

Reach more audience
through the Omnirio App

Boost visibility through in-app listing and be included in special features and campaigns designed specifically to push new customers to your stores.

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