Before Omnirio, I was taking 3 hours just to process around 20+ orders - now I can manage the same amount and more in less than 30 minutes



The TechTrance brand has been one of the most reputable electronics retailers since the early 2000s, but its physical store operations were affected by the pandemic to the point that the team had to close most of its brick and mortar stores.

What followed was a success story highlighting the brand's instinctive ability to adapt through difficulty and change – the brand was able to transition effectively into a completely solid e-commerce brand that still has plans to reopen its physical stores whenever the opportunity arises. With Omnirio, the brand's hope to integrate online & offline remains strong.

Growth Metrics:

  • Order processing time reduced by up to 6X
  • Expanded the number of E-commerce stores from 5 to 8
  • Daily order volume increased by over 2X

About TechTrance

TechTrance had been a constant presence since the early 2000s as a brand trusted to carry a range of high-quality products ranging from cell phone accessories to computer hardware.

While being relatively new in the scene - the brand's E-commerce division was created in 2016 - TechTrance has quickly opened several e-commerce stores on both Lazada & Shopee. The E-commerce division of TechTrance was initially a side-project spearheaded by Henry Shi in his final year in college. He saw that the future was gearing towards online retail, and had decided to take the opportunity to leap into e-commerce before his competitors had realized that a trend was taking place.

A Quick Decision

In 2020, the pandemic arrived and upended a large number of businesses all over the world, and TechTrance was no exception. The brand had to close down most of its physical store locations, and it was up to the relatively new E-commerce spinoff of the brand to pick up the slack.

The brand decided to fully migrate its operations into online retail, allocating all its resources to make sure that they can reach digital consumers quicker than their competitors. However, the problem was: how could the brand manage multiple E-commerce stores with a relatively small team?

Omnichannel Integration To Fuel Growth

Initially just selling exclusively on Shopee, the brand’s desire to integrate various sales channels to increase their online presence signaled a need for the business to adopt an omnichannel strategy.

With enough foresight, Henry not only predicted the rapid growth of the E-commerce industry, but also the value of omnichannel platforms. By integrating Omnirio to the brand, Henry was able to continue his streak of proactive expansion and open up stores in Lazada, Zalora, and Shopify.

The string of quick, successive decisions proved to be a success for the brand; Techtrance was able to minimize its losses from the physical stores by transitioning at the right time into E-commerce, and the integration of our omnichannel platform helped steady stabilize the business through a series of uncertain times and events.

Not only has the brand opened 3 more E-commerce stores since using Omnirio, order processing speeds and daily order volumes have both increased by around 6X and 2X respectively, proving that with the right integrations, retailers can manage more stores without increasing workload.

At present, the brand now looks to the future and mulls on reopening its physical stores now that integration between offline and online is made easier than ever before through Omnirio.

We were able to increase our productivity by a large margin, and we now have 8 stores because Omnirio's ERPs helped us scale faster

Henry Shi, E-commerce Head | TechTrance Enterprise