We've been able to solve custom-order issues, and Omnirio's Product Bundle feature helped us manage our products and categorize our SKUs better

Casetech Inc.

Casetech Inc.

The Casetech team looked to Omnirio's multiple integrations in order to speed up their inventory management, and as well as refine their product bundling services across their stores!

Growth Metrics:

  • Stock monitoring time decreased by 50%
  • Item stock allocation processing time decreased by 90%
  • Decreased out of stock orders by 95%

About Casetech Inc.

Casetech Inc. is a service company aimed at connecting as many brands with as many retailers & end users as possible, whether online or offline.

The team currently services brands such as Bostik, Nippon Paint, Philips (Signify), Sunnyware, Ivo water filter, Hitech brushes, and Bosny among others

Building an Accessible Brand

The Casetech brand was created with the promise of offering excellent value and service for customers, wherever they shopped. From food, to home & living products, to electronics & appliances, Casetech Inc. mixes a variety of options both in products and in sales channels.

With a number of physical stores bolstered by a diverse online presence, Casetech is able to leverage their "online + offline convenience" mentality and strives to meet customers wherever they are.

Highlighting Customer Convenience

Focusing on giving customers a great number of options with a consistent shopping experience was proving to be difficult the more the brand branched out.

Apart from physical stores, the brand sells on social media sites such as Facebook, and also on online marketplaces such as Lazada and Shopee. This allowed the brand to service customers who prefer certain channels over others, but also applied more pressure on the team to constantly deliver excellent service while processing their inventory manually.

Selling Everywhere and Being Everywhere

"A lot of time was spent monitoring inventory for accuracy", observed Darryl Mendoza, Purchasing Officer of Castech Inc. "We did manual adjustment of inventory count from time to time, and custom orders often create out of stock orders."

"Furthermore, we needed a way to treat bundled products as separate SKUs in order to segregate our inventory well."

With these issues in mind, the Casetech team used Omnirio’s Inventory, Order, and Product Management systems to quickly centralize their operations into one platform, helping them reduce the time needed to manage their stores separately.

"Since using Omnirio, we've been able to solve custom-order issues through Omnirio's manual "create order" feature, and the system's Product Bundle management helped us clean our inventory and categorize our SKUs better." says Darryl.

We used to do manual adjustment of inventory counts, and custom orders often create out of stock orders. We also needed to find a way to fix our product bundling

Darryl Mendoza, Purchasing Officer | Shopryt Casetech Inc.