Our Inventory Management has improved a lot. Our stocks now sync almost real-time across all our sales channels

Supreme Guitar Trading Inc.

Guitar Pusher

With Omnirio, Supreme Guitar Trading Inc. has been able to take the success of their brand to the next level, opening an additional 2 physical stores and 3 e-commerce stores since integrating our omnichannel platform to the business. Daily operations have also been made simpler, giving the brand more leeway to focus on solidifying their position as one of the premier music stores in the country.

Growth Metrics:

  • Fulfill up to 400-600 orders in a day (from previously 200-300)
  • Saves 1-2 hours a day in manual end of the day synchronization of stocks
  • 50% reduction of oversold items in all platforms

About Guitar Pusher

Supreme Guitar Trading Inc. started as a side-hustle and a passion project that grew into a full-time running business. It has since grown into one of the largest guitar and music-store brands in the Philippines.

It has always been the company’s goal to give the best customer experience possible in the industry, and to be one of the leading musical instruments retailers in the Philippines.

The brand currently boasts an impressive presence thanks to selling on a combination of channels such 7 e-commerce stores spread out between online platforms like Lazada & Shopee, and as well a total of 5 physical stores.

Challenges For Growth

With a total of over 7,000 SKU’s, as well as fulfilling up to 200-300 orders a day, one of the biggest problems the brand had faced was to have item stocks updated on all channels once an item is sold, whether it be on an online channel or from a physical store.

Before finding Omnirio, the team would take an hour or more every day just to make sure that item stocks are synchronized and correctly updated every night. Naturally, human error was likely to occur, leading to occasions wherein out-of-stock items would be ordered by consumers due to inaccurate item stock displays. This caused reputational stress as fulfillment problems would plague oversold items and result in dissatisfied customers.

Adapting Through Change

With the brand going full-steam ahead, becoming a full-time business from what was once a side-project, Mark and the team had decided to adopt an omnichannel platform in order to streamline their process and solve their inventory & order-related issues.

"Since using Omnirio, our inventory management has improved a lot”, says Alyza Barro, E-commerce & Creatives Specialist of Supreme Guitar Trading Inc. “Our stocks now sync almost real-time across all our online and physical sales channels. We are also now trying to use the order management tool which lets us oversee all orders within the day. We are now able to fulfill and manage even up to 600 orders on a sale day."

For SGTI, growing a business was not an easy task, and required a combination of resourcefulness and perseverance, especially during these uncertain times. With the brand preparing to be even more aggressive in the coming years, it was important for timing and opportunity to have aligned such that it did for the brand.

Average daily orders for the business have now doubled (and even up to triple the amount on sale days) since using Omnirio, and orders for out-of-stock problems have been greatly mitigated. Instead of worrying about how the brand can handle an increasing number of stores and orders, Supreme Guitar Trading Inc. has been able to simultaneously grow their business while also simplifying their operations.

Omnirio helped us synchronize over 7,000 SKUs scattered across our e-commerce and physical stores. Now we can focus on growing the business rather than daily operations.

Mark Casquero, CEO | Supreme Guitar Trading Inc.