Thanks to Omnirio, we were able to quickly centralize our inventory, which helped speed up our operations by 30%!"

Euro Rich Foodtrade Corp

How Euro Rich Foodtrade Corp used Omnirio to digitize their stores!

Omnirio's omnichannel platform helped Euro Rich transition its business successfully during the pandemic, allowing the team to streamline their operations and manage their growing e-commerce stores with ease!

Growth Metrics:

  • At least 30% faster order processing
  • Consistent SLA fulfillment
  • 70% reduction in order cancellations

About Euro Rich

Euro Rich Foodtrade Corp. started out as a dream to bring authentic European cuisine and make it accessible to the Philippine market. Upon starting, the demand for European products in the local scene proved greater than expected – Euro Rich knew that it had to quickly expand into the e-commerce space in order to meet their customers where they are.

The growth of the business also coincided with the advent of the pandemic, giving the brand another sign that they should penetrate the online retail market. However, their primary problem arose after having opened several e-commerce webstores – managing a large number of SKUs from a variety of webstores in different marketplaces (eg. Shopee, Lazada, or Shopify) proved to be more difficult than anticipated. The possibility of overstocking & understocking items were likely, and the team spent too much time manually reconciling their inventory in each webstore.

Finding Omnirio

Seeing the opportunities that omnichannel retail could open for Euro Rich, they found out about us [Omnirio] and how our platform can provide them the seamless inventory and order management systems that they were looking for.

Omnirio's plug & play nature made it easier for Euro Rich to get started because the platform comes with a large variety of integrations. This reduced the time and effort required by Euro Rich to transition from their manual operations into Omnirio's automated & real-time synchronization.

Through Omnirio's Inventory Management System, Euro Rich was able to connect their inventory across all their e-commerce platforms, helping them update stock quantities and check item details in one place. Also, the platform's inventory automations allowed Euro Rich to eliminate instances of underselling or overselling.

On the other hand, with Omnirio's Order Management System, Euro Rich could track order progress in real-time, and fulfill each order at the quickest rate so that shipping costs are minimized.

Growing Their Business During the Pandemic

Through Omnirio, Euro Rich was able to connect their e-commerce web stores in online marketplaces such as Shopee & Lazada, in order to centralize their inventory in one platform. By having streamlined their inventory operations, they were able to reduce manual processing time by over 30%.

Having a centralized inventory also helped Euro Rich eliminate instances of over/understocking, making sure that their item stocks are always reflected accurately. Euro Rich's consumers are now assured that products found in their online stores are updated in real-time and can be purchased without the hassles of needing to cancel their orders due to stock inaccuracies.

One big problem we had with many SKUs was that it was hard to manage our inventory across our E-commerce platforms. Omnirio solved that.

Eisen DY, E-Commerce Head | Euro Rich Foodtrade Corp